The Netherlands to Home

The Netherlands, famously, has some of the best cycling infrastructure in the world. Despite the excellent and well signposted cycle paths I somehow manage to lose the Rhine, as I think I was on the wrong side when I left Germany. But somehow I make it to Hook of Holland where I take a ferry … read more »

Thoughts on cycling in Germany

A Bavarian once told me that Germany is like the UK upside down, with Bavaria being the German equivalent of Scotland. Cycling in Bavaria I can sort of see why. I often have to remind myself I’m not back in Dumfriesshire as the landscape is so similar. Bavarian countryside The Bavarian Alps are a surprising … read more »

Cycling in Austria

Austria is another of those small(ish) mountainous countries that seem to do very well without being united to their larger neighbour. It has a considerably higher GDP per capita than Germany (GDP per capita is seldom mentioned by the British media as it would show Britain behind most western european countries, and far behind world … read more »